Looking for Lazada Discount Codes?

We all love discounts. If there is one thing we like doing online, it would be to look for discounts so we can get the product at a cheaper price. Here in the Philippines, the most ubiquitous site for discounts is Lazada. That is why we hunted it for Lazada discount codes. And it was an awesome hunt!

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Lazada discount codes 2018 you can use. There is no need to type “Apply Coupon” which oftentimes doesn’t work anyway.

Here are the things we do to look for discounts:

  1. We ask from the webmasters.
  2. We also crawl the internet so we can get even just a 5% discount. Here at Quelth, we brag if we are able to get a much lesser price on things we identically buy.
  3. We look and ask at forums about discounts, vouchers.
  4. Friends, businesses, business partners and helpful people like you give us their discount promos.

Also, we published this page to help you share in our loot. Share this also with your close friends so only your enemies would pay full price. (Insert evil laugh)

Here are our Lazada discount codes. Click on the button to access. Or you can click the link here.

Discount Vouchers for (Almost) Everything

Lazada Discount Code

What You Can Find Here:

  • Discount codes for everyday products such as shampoo.
  • Vouchers for school items
  • Toys for kids discounts

We are constantly looking for discounts and vouchers to share with the community. Wanna share?

NB: The promos and discounts here are legit and were never acquired through hacking, hijacking, scalping, or any other illegal method. We also don’t accept codes and vouchers that came from illegal sources.


Lazada Discount Code
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Lazada Discount Code
Lazada discount codes can be found here. You can find discounts for home appliances, watches, and everything lazada sells.
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