Best Water Dispenser – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Water Dispenser – Before there were water dispensers, there were water fountains. Fountains were connected to the water supply to provide hot and cold water. Because of water contamination and pollution, water fountains became obsolete. They are now replaced by modern water dispensers.

Today you can find water cooler brands selling water dispenser for home and office use. However, there are only 4 major water dispensers to buy when you think of having one for yourself.

What are the Best Water Dispensers?

The best water dispenser can be classified into 4 types. The tabletop, the top-load, the bottom-load, and the hand pump water dispenser.

Best Mini Water DispenserHanabishi HTWWD 100
Best Top-load Water DispenserFujidenzo FWD 1035
Best Bottom-load Water DispenserImarflex IWD-1130B
Water Dispenser With RefrigeratorIwata Aquacool
Most Expensive Water DispenserSUSO Pure Hydrogen Water Maker
Hand Pump Water DispenserAllwin Cordless Electric Pump

The table top water dispenser are small water dispensers that can dispense cold and hot water. This is ideal for starter families or those who are not always at home owing to work outside.

Top load water dispensers are the most common water dispensers. We see it in offices and other establishments. It has a larger compression system so cold and hot water is available to more drinkers.

The best water dispensers are the top-load water dispensers. They have easily replaceable parts, has larger compressors and store more water in the compressor. You can also easily monitor the remaining water. The mechanism is also simpler than the bottom load dispenser.  The only downside is you have to carry and mount the gallon up and shoot it in the water dispenser hole. Check out our voted dispenser here.

Bottom load water dispensers have their bottles placed discretely inside their compartment. The tube inside the container pulls the water up. Among the rest, it’s the more stylish kitchen appliance.

Bottom load water dispensers are rare. They are  also more expensive and harder to maintain. Check out our voted dispenser here.

Mini Water Dispenser

Mini Water Dispensers or Tabletop water cooler are the smallest type of water dispensers. They are portable, easy to maintain and affordable. Mini dispensers also have a compact design and a strong base. It’s ideal if space matters in your home to have this kind of dispenser.

The mini water dispenser also serves hot and cold water. The only downside is that it has a small compressor so it only stores a few glasses of hot and cold water inside. It is ideal for small families and offices.

This small water dispenser can either serve room temperature, or hot and cold water. The most durable among them are those that dispense only lukewarm water.

  • Hot and cold options
  • Space saving
  • Low power consumption
  • Light and portable
  • 1 Year Supplier Warranty
  • 7 Day Return Policy
  • Cash on Delivery / Credit Card Available

  • Needs to be mounted
  • Prone to spill
  • Limited hot and cold water storage

Top-Load Water Dispenser

The top load water dispensers are the most reliable among hot and cold water dispensers. They are moderately priced. They are also cheaper than bottom load dispensers.

The top-load water dispenser is the top choice among all types of water dispensers. The only downside is that you have to lift and shoot the water bottle into a hole. Water will spill if the person replacing it is not used to it.

Our voted top load dispenser, the Fujidenzo FWD 1035 , is moderately priced and more affordable than bottom-load water dispensers. It has a thick ring-shaped protrusion at the head of the device so it can support the bottle. It’s levers are has child-lock installed and are therefore safe for children. It’s compressor is also made of food-grade steel.

  • Hot, Cold, Warm options
  • Compressor cooling
  • Child lock for hot water
  • Anti-Water Heating
  • Spacious cabinet
  • 1 Year Supplier Warranty
  • 7 Day Return Policy
  • Cash on Delivery / Credit Card Available

  • Has to be mounted
  • Prone to spill

Bottom-Load Water Dispenser

Bottom load dispensers have their water bottles placed under the machine.  They are the more expensive water dispenser owing to their more complex mechanism. Our voted best bottom-load water dispenser, the Imarflex IWD-1130B sports a hot and cold water dispenser. It also has its own faucet for warm water.

The bottom-load water dispenser is more expensive. If it breaks down, it will be hard to service and replace. However, there is no need to lift it up and no danger of spilling.

If you have the budget, it’s much better to buy the bottom-load water dispenser. It looks good in the kitchen and does not require muscles to bring the water up.

  • Hot, Cold, Warm options
  • Compressor cooling
  • Child lock for hot water
  • Removable Drip tray
  • Insulated reservoir
  • 1 Year Supplier Warranty
  • 7 Day Return Policy
  • Cash on Delivery / Credit Card Available

  • More expensive
  • Harder to replace
  • Requires more energy

Hand Pump Water Dispenser

The hand pump water dispenser is the cheapest form of water dispenser. The hand pump is not really a water dispenser. It is rather a mechanism to pour water from a 5-gallon water tube.

Hand pumps are used if your family only wants lukewarm water for drinking.

hand pump water dispenser

Most hand pump water dispensers are compatible with the 5-gallon water tubes you can easily buy in water stations.

Hand pump water dispensers are also extremely portable. You can bring it with you when camping and it is especially handy if you only want to have potable water without the temperature treatment.

Hand pumps can be manual or electronic. Mechanical hand pumps only require that you install it in the tip of the water tube and it will work. Electronic pumps uses a small amount of electricity to power up.

Hand pump water dispensers break down easily. It is not meant for long-term use.

Water Dispenser Distributor and Brands

Here are some brands that produce and distribute quality hot and cold water dispensers.

Hanabishi – Hanabishi is a recognized home appliances brand in the Philippines. It started in 1986 and known for small appliances. Their products range from LED televisions, freezers and air conditioners. Check out hanabishi dispensers here.

Kyowa – Kyowa is a Japanese brand known for their rice dispensers, rice cookers and small kitchen appliances.

Dowell – Dowell started during the Asian Financial Crisis. It first introduced industrial electric fans to the Philippine market. During it’s 20 year existence, Dowell has expanded to other home and kitchen appliances.

Sapoe – Sapoe is a Chinese brand that started their distribution in 1998. They sell the regular floor-standing water dispensers, table-top water dispensers and water dispensers with refrigerators. Check out Sapoe Water Dispensers here.

Iwata – The Iwata brand is exclusively distributed by Colent Marketing Philippines. The distribute products such as air coolers, industrial fans and home and kitchen appliances.

Fujidenzo – Fujidenzo claims to have appliances that have passed international safety standards and a high level of quality control. Most of my old fujidenzo appliances are still working so I can attest to their quality. The only downside is their design which looks cheap.

Imarflex – Imarflex was established in 1973 here in the Philippines. It’s a Japanese brand. Products range from Turbo broiler, slow cooker among other consumer appliances.

Markes – Markes has a line of appliances for your home. It has dehumidifiers, air conditioning units and kitchen tools such as freezer, and refrigerator.

Micromatic -Micromatic distributes rice cookers, electric kettles and water dispensers. They also manufacture appliances such as popcorn makers and ice crushers.

Guide to the Best Water Dispenser

The water dispensers described above vary in features and functions. Top-load models have water container mounted on top of the machine. If there is someone who can lift the water to the top of the dispenser, then this is the best dispenser for you.

Bottom-Load versions have the water bottle inside the dispenser’s bottom compartment. They save a lot of space and they look good. The bottom load water dispenser is ideal for you if aesthetics and space is your priority. Also, if you do not favor heavy lifting, this machine is the the best one for you.

Tabletop dispensers are mounted. They have the very basic features of hot & cold dispensers. If budget and space is an issue, this is the most ideal machine for you.

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